Monday, March 26, 2012

Who Wants a Custom Pattern?!

BIG NEWS! Have you ever wanted a custom pattern for SUPER CHEAP?! Today's totally your day! I have an oh-so-appealing offer for you pattern enthusiasts, or for you friends that might want to make other friends make weird patterns. Check the details below the picture! Do it!

If you contribute $40 or more to our Kickstarter project, you get yourself a personalized Daily Pattern made by the super awesome crew at Paper Bicycle! 

ANY TOPIC you want, it's all yours! You give the topic, we give you a high-res pattern for you own personal use...

This is a limited time reward: the offer ends next Sunday. In addition to the time limit, the quantity is capped at 50, so if they run out before then, they're gone! 
C'mon, you guys. I'm dying to do a Zombie-Harry-Potter-VS-Goku-Birthday-Pattern for your Parents. Or whatever, it's your call! 

Not only are you getting something awesome by donating - you're also help fund an amazing community of creatives! It's a win-win situation. Just hop on over to our Kickstarter page for more info on the project!

Check out more pics from our Grand Opening at Light Grey Art Lab here!

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