Friday, March 30, 2012

The Fantastic and Formidable Fashion Swap!!

Good morning, folks! This week we have a bit of an unusual change up. We gathered a bunch of illustrators to do a swap on FASHION, but instead of trading sketches, they traded images of stylish items of clothing. Then the artist created a pieced based on the item of clothing they received, yielding some seriously fantastic results! Check out the finals below!

fashion swap 2 olivia

Olivia Mew


Janna Morton

Fashion Swap alyssa

Alyssa Nassner

Final Fancy Pirate siobhan

Siobhan Gallagher

sarah fashion

Sarah Straub


Natalie Andrewson

uzi-dress kyle

Kyle Fewell

TenPaces_Fashion katie

Katie Turner

Holy WOW guys!

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