Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Everywhere Project

Whoa! I just came across "The Everywhere Project" a collaborative design project being curated by Adrian Walsh. The concept revolves around lyrics to the song "I've Been Everywhere" adapted by Hank Snow from an Australian song of the same name.

The project features designers and illustrators creating luggage tags based on all of the locations listed in the song. Each location is being revealed slowly, and the work they have to show so far is amazing. Here are a few from the site, including a piece from Ten Paces contributor Marisa Seguin.

I wonder if Baltimore or Minnesota are already spoken for? (hint hint). Everyone should check out the project here and give it some support. What an awesome concept!

Witchita by Matt Chase

Baraboo by Marisa Seguin

Waterloo by Nate Luetkehans

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