Monday, January 30, 2012

UGLY Inspiration: Robert Crumb

How could we possibly do an ugly-themed week without starting off with R. Crumb? I'm sure you're familiar with Crumb, the king of gross, but in case you aren't...Robert Crumb is an American artist, illustrator and musician known for his subversive and satirical comics depicting all things sweaty, hairy, nasty, and overall unflattering. His strange sense of humor and biting commentary on society have set him apart and scored him much acclaim and many accolades, despite the generally unappetizing nature of his work. Check it!
R. Crumb 2
R Crumb 3

For more on Crumb, check out his official site or definitely check out the 1994 film about his life! Also, for a tamer and less-nasty collection of Crumb's work, I'd totally recommend his portraits of blues, jazz, and country musicians!

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