Monday, December 5, 2011

Guest Curator: Niv Bavarsky

This week on Ten Pace's we're doing something new! This week's swaps and inspiration are being guest curated by the awesome and talented Niv Bavarsky who has chosen the theme of "Heavy Metal". He assures us that this will be the best swap Ten Paces has ever seen. Below is our first bit of inspiration, and a little bit from Niv himself. Enjoy!

"Are you ready? It's Heavy Metal week at Ten Paces. Awesome, right? Right. Alyssa let me guest curate my own theme for the blog and I'm excited to say we've got some really badass drawings coming for you on Friday.

Peter Beste is a photographer who likes to document various subcultures, including the Houston rap scene, rural Scandinavians, and the world of Norwegian Black Metal. Pictured here is GORGOROTH. See more of his Black Metal photos here."


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