Monday, December 19, 2011

Artist Wishlist

Because this week's theme is "Best Gift Ever" we polled some of our awesome contributors to find out what their dream gifts are this holiday season.

Ann Shen has both of these items on her wishlist:
1. Ice Cream Lamp - Fred Flare
2. Heart Shaped Casserole Dish - Amazon

On my list (although I already own all of the books) I would love:
3. Malcolm Gladwell Box Set - Amazon

If you're doing some last minute shopping for Rachel Dougherty, she'd like this:
4. Ecote Canvas Rucksack - Urban Outfitters

Mika Nakano also has some good gift taste:
5. Color Block Drawers - Nood

Sarah Straub has this fancy item on her wishlist:
6. (not pictured) The Art of Up - Chronicle Books

What's on your wishlist?

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