Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Old Folks Inspiration: Milt Kahl

One of the finest animators to ever work for Disney was the infamous Milt Kahl. If you love the Jungle Book, Aristocats, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, The Rescuers, Sword in the Stone, and 101 Dalmatians, you are intimately acquainted with Milt Kahl whether you know it or not. His character designs are stunning, but beyond just creating the characters, he could make them walk, and talk, and dance. I'm pretty sure he was superman. Anyway, one of the most wonderful (and certainly underrated) characters that Mr. Kahl brought to life was Georges Hautecourt, from Aristocats, who is perfect for this week's theme.
Milt Kahl
Milt Kahl

These are some of Kahl's concept drawings. My favorite thing about him is that even in the films at their final stage, you can see this hand-drawn linework in them. He never smoothed everything out like some of the animators that followed him.

Also! Check out this wonderful pencil test of Georges walking. It's fantastic.

If every illustrator drew like an animator, characters would always be full of movement.

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