Thursday, August 4, 2011

Call for Entries!

Oh hey that's right - we totally still have a contest going on! Just reminding you to check out our contest page for all the info, and then go join our flickr group - oh yes, and do some totally rad 80's sketches! We'll be choosing our sketches mid-September, so now is the perfect time to start sending them in!

1980's trivia: If you're not familiar the nonsense featured above it's from the popular trading card set called the "Garbage Pail Kids". Originally released in 1985 the trading card set was hugely popular made to mimic the Cabbage Patch Kids. The cards lasted though a trademark infringement lawsuit, various school bannings, a 1987 movie with a 0% critic rating from Rotten Tomatoes and are still around today in various forms.

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