Friday, June 24, 2011

Can't Fight The Moonlight

Kicking off Handsome Gents week here at Ten Paces and Draw, we had an unlikely illustrator pairing of Michael Hoeweler (who supplied this gorgeous moonlit boy sketch) and Mary Kate McDevitt (who took it to final). Awesome hustle, you guys!

Mary Kate McDevitt Final

Michael Hoeweler

Mary Kate McDevitt is an illustrator and hand letterer living and working in Portland, OR. She loves her cat Peppy Mew Mew, biking around the city and thrifting. Check out more work by Mary Kate here and her work is for sale here.

More on the fabulous Mr. Hoeweler with his final!


  1. What started with a gorgeous sketch ended up with my favorite Handsome Gent final of the week. Beautiful work, guys, really stellar, inspirational results!

  2. I love it, you really embodied the feel of the sketch, Mary. You took this into such a lovely, kinder realm than the darker sketch, yet still kept the romance! Really really awesome.

  3. Thanks Michael! It was a pleasure to work from your beautiful sketch.