Friday, May 13, 2011


We were also lucky to have Babs Tarr this week! She took Justin Volz's water nymph (or whatever you'd like to call her...masked mermaid? lady in the water?) sketch to final. More on Babs under the lovely lady.

Babs Tarr Final
Justin Volz

Barbara (aka Babs) grew up in the sunny and beautiful Charleston, SC. After braving 12 years of catholic school she migrated north for college to attend the Maryland Institute and College of Art in Baltimore. Now, with her recently completed BFA, she has settled west in San Francisco,CA where she is living the dream working as a full time illustrator and artist! She is always looking for fun projects, especially ones including sexy ladies. She spends her free time at the movies, reading smutty romance novels, doodling, and melding into the couch while play video games.

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