Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Historical Portraits/Hometown Heroes

With this week's theme of Hometown Hero portraits I was searching high and low for a portrait of Lucretia Mott for this inspiration post. You may not have heard of the notorious Miss Lucretia (Notorious M.O.T.T ?), but she was an abolitionist that hailed from my strange suburb of Cheltenham, PA. Anyway, couldn't find anyone that had painted her, and I had already set my sights on someone wackier for my sketch this week, but I still wanted to educate you on her super-creepy face. Check this:


Anyway, back to the matter at hand. You should really check out John Hendrix if you don't already know him! He's one of my most favorite illustrators working today and he does a TON of historical work. Below is a piece from his book John Brown: His Fight For Freedom, a portrait of Harriet Tubman. Which is sort of kind of a little bit reminiscent of the Notorious M.O.T.T up there because they both were abolitionists...except LaMott is not nearly as cool as Harriet Tubman and the Runaways.

Anyway, hats off to you, John Hendrix. You're a star.

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